ZDZ Engines

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ZDZ 40RV-L, 50NG

I only have one ZDZ engine at the moment - it is the ZDZ-40RV-L. It is still being broken in, and with every flight it appears to get stronger and runs better. Over the period of about a dozen of flights the rpm has increased by close to 400. It now swings the 21x8 Mejzlik prop at 7400 rpm, and pulls my Ultimate around with authority. After the brake in I will go to 22x8 prop.

2010-11-04 I have finally received long awaited ZDZ50-NG which will replace the ZDZ40-RV in my Ultimate... The 50 will give the plane the performance I am looking for, and the 40 will find A new home in my son's Yak 54....


Specifications for ZDZ40RV-L


Displacement 40cc/2.4 ci Bore 38mm/1.5" Stroke 35mm/1.38" RPM Range 1200-7800 RPM Horsepower 4.25hp Weight 1300g/2.86 lbs bare w/plugProp Size 2 blade 20x10-12, 22 x 10 (20x10=7400 rpm) 



Specifications for ZDZ 50NG

Displacement  48.5cc/2.96 ci

Bore 42mm/1.65"

Stroke 35mm/1.38"

RPM Range     1200-7800 RPM

Horsepower     Approx. 5.1 HP

Weight 1400g/3.08 lbs! bare w/plug - 1530g/3.37lbs all up

Prop Size 2 blade 22x8, 22 x 10 3 blade 18x10-12, 20x10




ZDZ 40 in action.....